Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am a useless blogger! never update my blog and when I do get in here I forget everything! Duh!

Anyway off to see the infamous Tommy tomorrow and see if he can fix my pony. I am almost hoping he says there is something wrong that he can 'fix' as otherwise its back to scratching my head again.
So much for a huge winter training program so we would be all up to speed for the new season :o(

On a brighter note, young Josh who has been baby sitting Ron's colt (Callum) is looking really good and the other day I was able to put his winter rug on and pick up all four feet with no drama's. yay progress at last.   oh and he also loaded back onto the float so he obviously wasnt too traumatised by his first trip by himself *grin*

Callum is already leading, tying, had a rug on and picking up all four feet as well as making a good start on his float training. He is such a sweet wee boy.  Trying to get him ready to go to the specialist sometime in June maybe and then hopefully we will know what the situation is with his eye.