Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year - New Blog!

2009 its well and truely here!

Decided to move my blog from wordpress to this site and make a bigger effort to try and keep it up to date! ........ I did say try

Well the main big events since I last posted are:

* the arrival of my little baby boy Zach on the 15 December
* the arrival of Star's lovely little filly (Sophie) the week prior
* new addition to the stable in the form of a TB stallion called Harb and also a TB gelding called Lucky

I have also started riding again and have my first new client (since I took a break) booked in for breaking in. YAY!
Its so good to be back riding and doing the horses again - still a little 'wobbly' at the moment due to having a c-section but we are already planning our training and have looked at a couple of little fun events to enter that are coming up in the next few months.

On the horsey front, I am still waiting for Ebony's foal to be born and Harb has been put to good use and now has 3 wives (Ellie, Stella and Merry)
We are also waiting, with much excitement, the arrival of a new 'lad' - more details in future posts! :o)

On the property front, we have been busy with a loaned digger that spent a week here over the xmas break. Neil was able to sort some problem areas and break out some more rock from the quarry. I can now get my truck around the turnaround no problem! ...no more falling off the side and getting stuck in mud.

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