Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visit to Tommy

We made the trek down to Matakana to have Tommy see my mare Poppy as she had been stepping short and seemed really uncomfortable - sure enough she was 'out' in two places and a few whacks with the rubber hammers soon sorted her out!
Tommy is a lovely person and it was a real pleasure to meet him plus YAY he fixed my horse.
3 days off and then I was able to ride her or would have been if the weather and work hadn't got in the way.

Her first ride ended up being a hack over Simon's farm in the company of Anne riding Samson and I must say she was feeling really GOOD! Not only was she stepping out much better but she felt like she was pinging out of her skin and when I asked for a trot we got the lovely big movement that I had originally fallen in love with. To say I was overjoyed is an understatement.

Unfortunately we had a trip down the the South Is for a family visit and then arriving home I was rung by work and asked to cover as the other womans inlaws had been involved in a serious car crash and are in hospital. *sigh* was so looking forward to getting a few good rides in.

To give me a bit of a goal to work towards we have entered the local winter dressage which is on the 28th June so will need to make sure that we get in plenty of work in the weeks leading up to it.

Bought Star home form my sisters today and reintroduced her to the herd. She seemed very pleased to see them all again but not interested in her offspring at all which is a bonus! lol Poor Sophie was a bit surprised that her mum didn't really want to know her. Star is getting a bit of a tummy now so will put her with Ellie (who is also in foal) and they can start getting the prenatal feeding.

The big boy is back up in the front paddock and was most excited to see the girls again today - not that they paid him any attention. Pops has been kept in while the rest have gone out into the trees.

Need to go and check on the young lads (Josh and Callum) tomorrow and start planning Cal's trip down to the specialist. Am thinking I will bring them both home so that I can do some more intensive work with them as its a bit of a hassle having to drive around the countryside to handle them.

Have a new edition arriving soon. A 'rescue' horse that has been neglected and is very skinny. Had better start boiling the barley again I think. ........must get myself a bigger freezer so I can freeze more in advance - so much easier. Will post more info and photos once he arrives.

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